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Job: REIL-TNG Human Capital Management Systems Administrator

This posting has expired and is no longer available.

Job Description

Overall Job Objective

Job Title:REIL-TNG Human Capital Management Systems Administrator
Closing Date/Time:Continuous
Salary:$69,555.20 - $94,265.60 Annually
Job Type:Contract/Grant-Funded/Full-Time
Location:Phoenix, Arizona
Department:Education Service
The purpose of the REIL-TNG (Rewarding Excellence In Instruction And Leadership: The Next Generation) Human Capital Management Systems Administrator position is implement an LEA-wide Human Capital Management System through collaboration with multiple Local Education Agencies (LEAs) in order to attract, place, retain, and sustain highly effective educators in partner LEAs.

Position Qualifications:
Minimum education and/or experience:
Master's degree in Education or Business/Finance and three (3) years' administrative experience in the education, human resource/human capital management systems, finance, educational/instructional technology, program management, or related field.

Specialized training, certifications, and/or other special requirements:
Must possess, or have the ability to obtain by the time of hire valid Arizona driver's license, Fingerprint clearance card, and Arizona Principal Certification.

Knowledge, skills, and abilities:
Ability to apply professional knowledge and administrative ability to the specific education project. Ability to work well under pressure in a multi-task environment. Ability to reason logically and think independently and creatively. Excellent interpersonal, leadership, and communication skills. Knowledge of human resource best practices. Knowledge of legal issues and statutes related to implementation of a human capital management system. Effective planning, organizational, and time management skills. Skilled on Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, Project, SharePoint, and Internet Research. Knowledge of statutory law, case law, federal regulations and state regulations. Recognizes and adapts to changes in the workplace by expanding knowledge, skills, and/or attitudes.

Preferred education and/or experience:
Experience as school or district administrator. Experience as human resource administrator. Experience implementing educator evaluation and compensation systems. Experience with school finance and budgeting.
Essential Job Tasks:
Ensures that MCESA's Why, vision, and mission are regularly communicated, internally & externally. Aligns tactical plans with MCESA's why, vision, mission, and goals and department-level operational plan. Employs an effective process using appropriate data sources to evaluate and revise team tactical plans aligned with departmental operational plan. Seeks to create an environment that will attract effective educators to work in high-need schools. Ensures LEAs have tools and support necessary to support educator professional learning in alignment with the results of educator evaluation, in collaboration with Project Leader and Data Management System Administrator. Utilizes effective processes to ensure successful implementation of operational plans. Manages screening tool development process to inform LEA multiple data point hiring process. Collaborates with the Data Management Systems Administrator to enable LEA workforce decision making around equitable distribution of educators. Leads participating LEAs in developing, refining, and implementing LEA-specific salary structures over a multi-year period as part of the REIL-Extend grant. Leads multi-year implementation of LEA Human Capital Management strategies per grant plan. Coordinates with Opportunity Culture Project Leader on Spotlight School Implementation. Manages on-going data sharing agreement process. Oversees reimbursement process related to performance-based compensation and salary augmentation. Supports processes related to grant budget. Provides information to Project Leader to report on interim and annual performance reports. Utilizes/manages provided resources for continuous progress toward the realization of MCESA's Why, vision, mission and goals (3d, 3h). Establishes and maintains relationships with internal and external stakeholders. Develops/implements recruitment strategy communication plans across partner districts. Initiates strategic staffing efforts. Manages screening tool development process. Marketing Coordinator with implementation plans. Increases communication around retention stipend component of REIL-Extend program. Facilitates cross-LEA meetings per grant communication plans in the areas of human capital management and strategic compensation. Participates in communication plan implementation (e.g., facilitates road-shows; conducts information sessions; identifies necessary communication materials). Uses effective speaking, written, and nonverbal communication skills in interactions with internal and external stakeholders. Actively contributes to cross-LEA implementation leads meetings. Gathers/contributes requirements to inform data management system development. Advises field specialists and LEA staff on exemplary staffing practices/processes (e.g., hiring, selection, placement). Advises MCESA and LEA staff on strategic compensation best practices. Establishes and maintains departmental procedures to protect the rights of students and staff, and adhere to policies and laws. Reads current research/ literature, and attends key meetings, to ensure expertise relative to agency and departmental scopes of work. Supports LEAs in implementation of transfer and protection policies, per Arizona Revised Statutes. Supports LEAs in implementation of retention policies, per Arizona Revised Statutes. Assists MCESA staff and partner LEAs in understanding Human Resource Alignment concepts; connecting HR practices to the common vision of instructional improvement; and identification of HCMS best practices and implementation. Represents the interests of MCESA when engaging with stakeholders and government groups/agencies (local, state, and/or national). Contributes to the development /implementation of policies, programs, budgets, and/or initiatives that reflect an understanding of the political, economic and/or cultural factors shaping the community. Stays abreast of the external factors (political, economic, and / or social) in the community that impact the educational system and utilizes this information to inform operational plans. Collaborates with REIL partners to implement HCLE (Human Capital Leaders in Education) training for REIL HR professionals. Collaborates with MCESA Professional Development staff and field specialists to design and implement HCMS related training for various stakeholder groups. Collaborates with Data Management System Administrator, MCESA Professional Development staff, and field specialists to ensure LEA central office and school level staff are able to effectively utilize all reports in the REILize Decision Support System, in order to support workforce decision making. Uses performance appraisal on an annual basis to foster professional growth of supervised associates. Uses effective data sources to measure and monitor progress of team programs/services; provide necessary support. Takes action to increase retention of effective educators in partner LEAs. Coordinates with Opportunity Culture Project Leader to increase equitable access to effective educators and increase candidate hiring pools. Monitors REIL-Extend program milestones in collaboration with leadership team. Monitors progress on grant-related goals, objectives, and performance measures.
Selection Procedure:
The hiring authority will select the successful candidate based on departmental needs.

All offers of employment made to new hires and rehires at Maricopa County are contingent upon successful completion of a post-offer, pre-employment thorough background investigation. A background investigation is conducted on a current employee who changes to a Safety Sensitive Position or one having the potential for serious adverse impact on the integrity or efficiency of the County. These requirements do not pertain to employees of elected officials who undergo background investigation processes administered through their respective offices.

Typically successful candidates are hired at a salary rate, up to midpoint of the range, based on applicable experience, internal equity and budgetary allowances.

Maricopa County Human Resources | 301 W. Jefferson Street, Suite 200, Phoenix, AZ 85003
Business hours 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays
602.506.3755 | | se habla español

Maricopa County is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
Pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act, Maricopa County will make reasonable accommodation(s) during the employment process.
In addition, Maricopa County complies with A.R.S.§23-211 et seq. and submits information on all new hires to e-Verify.
Finally, Maricopa County complies with A.R.S.§36-601 (Smoke Free AZ Act) and prohibits smoking in all places of employment.